Felix Pando

Born in Argentina, Felix Pando is a world wide musician, composer and arranger.
Since the mid-1990's he has centered his attention on music with special goal: music that allows the listener to be transported to a relaxed and comfortable state of mind, in other words, well-being music; In the project titled “The Art of Living” he had 2 productions, with famous musicians like Andy Narrell and Rodolfo Mederos, these productions are: Paradise Café and Tropical Garden
Now with “Einstein Music”, Felix has decided to produce music for Advertising, Films, Television, Video Gaming and Multimedia easy to download and ready to use for any project or simply music for enjoyment and well-being. Einstein Music also provides sound design for special productions.
The site is designed for, and used by Television & Film producers, TV Broadcasters, Radio Stations, Video Producers, Advertising Agencies, Web Designers & ‘New Media' Producers

Einstein Music also offer commissioned composition services including complete pieces of music, soundtracks and sound effects for many different applications, please click here to contact us

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