Einstein Music

Einstein Music is the online MP3 download music store, where you can download the best music for Advertising, Films, Television, Video Gaming, Multimedia or music to enjoy it. The great advantage is: our music is easy to download and ready to use for you or your project.   
Your favorite songs for only $1.00 each. You don’t have to wait, you want it and you have it. The library is subdivided in a variety of genres and is easy to surf. Please browse through the samples and take your pick. Once you agree with the LICENSING AGREEMENT and complete the checkout, your music will be downloading.


How Einstein Music works?

Einstein Music is instant download of intelligent music for:
  • Films
  • Television and Broadcasts
  • Web sites Design Project
  • Radio
  • Video Gaming
  • Corporate or Personal Videos
  • Point-of Sales Videos
  • Multimedia Presentation

Why Einstein Music?

A downloaded song can save you or your company a fortune compared to standard production music library fees.
Einstein Music has created a big catalog of original songs in many different styles, all available for instant preview and download.
We are developing a new store to help your purchase
Einstein Music also offer commissioned composition services including complete pieces of music, soundtracks and sound effects for many different applications, please click here to contact us
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